Show Safety

Safety is paramount at all of our firework shows and we have strict policies in place for any shows or events that we are involved in. Before we agree to do a show at your venue we will need to carry out a risk assessment of your premises or grounds.

Here is a brief outline of what we look for when planning a firework show.

For smaller private parties, weddings and functions, to which the general public are not admitted, a minimum safety distance of 25 metres is required.

For larger public displays we will need

  • An area suitable to hold the display
  • Where the public can be prevented from having access to the fireworks
  • Where the spectator viewing area is at least 25 metres from the fireworks
  • Where there are no overhead obstructions (e.g. overhanging branches, power lines etc)
  • Where a clear ‘fall-out’ area is available for debris to fall

When setting up the fire zone we always try to place the pyro with enough spacing to ensure that we don’t get any cross-fires (fireworks inadvertently setting of others that are situated near them)

Shells and Mines are placed towards the rear of the firing area
Roman Candles and Multi-shot Batteries/Cakes are located in the central region
Fountains and Set-Pieces are placed near the front of the firing area

Please note that these are the minimum requirements for our firework shows and that larger events may require more space

If you are holding a public display you will also be required to provide crowd control

You will also need to notify certain people or authorities, which may include

  • The local Police
  • The Fire Brigade
  • Coast Guard (if the display is near to the sea)
  • Your local authority (eg environmental health)
  • The airport authority (if the display is near an airport flight path)
  • Local hospitals, old people’s homes, farms, stables etc.

You will also need to arrange first aid cover and stewarding for during and after the display, both for crowd control and to ensure that members of the public do not have access to the set-up, firing or fallout areas.

If it is a Pyro-Musical show then you may be required to obtain a “Music Licence” for the event

Although Jubilee Fireworks carries £10 million public liability insurance for the firework display you may also require general insurance cover for your event

Further information can be obtained by following these links

The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) 

The Scottish Fire Service

The Fireworks (Scotland) Regulations 2004

The Music Licence (formally known as the PPL/PRS licence)